At Mobile 2.0 on Monday


I'm going to be moderating a panel at the Mobile 2.0 all day conference in San Francisco on Monday. My buds Miker, my ex coworker Marc Davis as well as Ron Mandel from Adobe, James Pearce from dotMobi and C. Enrique Ortiz from eZee inc. will be on the panel exploring Emerging Technologies. I think there might be some slots open still if you register today... so if you're into mobility, that's the place to be on Monday.

I'm going to be a no-holds-barred moderator on this one. We're going to talk about cool new stuff that's here now, should be here soon, that we'd all love to see happen, and stuff that will never happen. Probably in some random order that I make up as I go along just to keep the panelists on their toes. We'll have to use a #mobile2 channel on Jaiku so we can do audience participation. :-)

See you there!


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