Chinese toy recall

Just last month I went into my son's room to gather up all the red-colored wooden Thomas Trains after hearing about the recall due to lead in the paint (after about a year of him playing with them already, joy). That sort of thing happens... But I have to say it's pretty fucking annoying that again tonight while watching this clip about Chinese toy recalls on Jon Stewart I see a picture of another one of my kid's favorite toys being recalled - a die cast model of Sarge from Pixar's Cars. WTF? Happily I was able to go into his room right now and find it, so it can just disappear until I get a chance to replace it, but I almost didn't see the news at all which pisses me off. (Yes, I know how sad it is to get my "real" news from Jon Stewart, but that tells you how shitty the actual news is.)

I know we've been hearing tons of stories of dangerous Chinese products lately, but I take most of what the main stream media is screaming about with a large grain of salt (Al-Qaeda , giant asteroids, flu pandemics, bridges collapsing, etc., etc.). But when the news actually personally affects me twice in as many months, you start to wonder. How many other toys in his room are toxic? I mean, he's long past the age where he'll be chewing on anything or ingesting the amount of lead needed to make him sick, but toys have long lives and they end up being given to other kids and who knows where they might end up?

So annoying.


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