Compaq's new focus


Ahh, this is interesting, I hadn't realized that HP had changed Compaq's logo and focus until I just saw this BusinessWeek article about the change. They're going to be selling Compaq computers as minimalist and simple. I would love to see this, actually, as I think it's pretty insane how overly designed most PCs are today. How many years has Apple been producing cleanly designed machines? It doesn't take a genius to see that's a design trend worth following.

I think the Compaq brand is actually pretty good - especially since it has so much history behind it. I do have to say though that after however many years of their old logo, it's quite a shock to see the new one so drastically different. I definitely like it , though they'll need a bunch of nice machines to go along with it, otherwise all it'll represent is a lost heydey, and soon be phased out and replaced by the HP label.

I must be outside the mainstream of computer buyers though, as I hadn't realize that HP was considered a "premium" brand now. I still think of the long lines of beige boxes at Best Buy or whatever when I think of them, not as something that's particularly lust worthy. And Dell? Well, I just think of computers that fall apart soon after you buy them.


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