Dear MSN Games: You People Are Incompetent Assholes


After spending two hours trying to get my Mom and her grandson playing Uno on MSN games (VNCed into my parent's computer so I could control both sides) and having gone through about 10 million screwed up security prompts, miss-matched login pages, dead pages, pages that are incapable of being bookmarked, pop-up windows, TOS checkboxes, never-ending flash-ads (loading... loading... loading...), continuous ActiveX install prompts, dynamic pages that return blank or are reset, impossible captchas, required insanely unique nicknames, crashing messenger apps, and servers that are incapable of saving and/or accessing login cookies, I give the hell up.

You people are the most stupid, incompetent assholes on the face of the Earth, and I really hope you all are fired, and get hit by buses on the way home.


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