Fourth most what!??!

Please don't misunderstand me... because I really do admire the iPhone. There's very little about it I dislike - I wish it was more open from the start, and I wish it had 3G, but every phone has its flaws and the iPhone makes up for it with some great innovation in other areas such as the user interface and general quality of the device.

That said, the Apple zealots are really going on and on about that damn phone to the point of nausea. Despite the fact they've never tried more than a couple other phones in their lives, and probably never used a smart phone before, many of them are declaring the iPhone the best thing since sliced bread, and will do anything to make it seem that way. The latest news to make the rounds? The iPhone is the "fourth most popular phone sold" in the U.S. right now.


What was the fourth most popular phone before the iPhone arrived? Who the fuck knows, because I sure don't. And if I don't know, pretty much no one knows, I'll tell you that. So if the fourth most popular phone wasn't news yesterday, why the HELL is it news today? Just because it's Apple. Woop-de-doo. And seriously, is that even GOOD news? With all the hype and promotion and massive price cuts, I would think that being anything less than number one or two would be an embarrassment. Oh, and I almost forgot some pants-on-head retard who posted the other day about how EDGE was actually better than 3G, and that his iPhone therefore didn't need better connectivity. That one made it to the front page of Slashdot even. Amazing.

Seriously, Apple zealots make my ass itch. And the mass media that gives them so much play for no reason need to return their company bought MacBooks and be made to buy their own computers. Then we'd see how many of them really like Apple that much.


Update: Miker busted me on my attempt to sneak a "pants-on head-retarded" reference into the post. He's right, my usage wasn't quite right.. I'll have to work on it. Damn!

It's amusing this post got picked up by Techmeme... a wild rant followed by a random comment on a random phrase... rather than because of any actual content. :-)

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