You go to a corporate identity consultant, circa 1965-1966 and they would take that and lay it here and say, "Here's your current stationary, and all it implies, and this is what we're proposing." And next to that, next to the belching smoke-stacks, and the nuptial script, and the ivory paper, they'd have a crisp bright white piece of paper, and instead of "Amalgamated Widget, founded 1857" it'd just say "WidgeCo" in Helvetica Medium.

Can you imagine how bracing and thrilling that was? It must have felt like you had crawled through a desert with your mouth just caked with filthy dust, and someone offered you a clear, refreshing, distilled, icy glass of water... It must have been just fantastic.

- Michael Bierut - Graphic Designer

That's an awesome quote from Helvetica, the movie. I'm not sure if it's *supposed* to be on Google video right now, but it is and I watched a bit of it just now. For designers (or closet graphic design buffs like myself) it's as good as all the reviews said it was. Very cool - I definitely want to see it in better quality at some point.



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