Lego Rocks (Redux)


I was checking out a graphic design blog called FFFFound! and saw these great ads for Lego. They just capture everything that's great about them, no?

My son and I spend tons of time building stuff together with Legos (as I wanted to about 6 months after he was born), it's just tons of fun. Lately we've been on a micro-lego kick, where we try to get the robots, spaceships, trucks, etc. down to the smallest size possible. It started with this mini version of Optimus Prime, and then extended to all sorts of little planes and stuff. Once you start doing that sort of thing, you start getting pretty minimalistic... two small thin legos snapped together in a cross becomes a jet pretty instantly, add one more and you've just made an advanced spaceship, etc. Those ads capture that sentiment pretty amazingly to me.

Good thing I'm broke lately, otherwise I'm sure I'd be online right now ordering boxes of Lego pieces by the ton as we get bored with the micro trend and set out to make really BIG things next...



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