Make your own UPS Commercial

I definitely need to get a WACOM tablet, so I can play with Sketchcast more... I think it's an absolutely *fantastic* idea. Recordable whiteboard presentations... so cool! Like those UPS commercials are able to use a whiteboard to convey ideas without having to be an animation or presentation expert. I love it.

Having a tablet and pen though, would be nicer than trying to draw with the mouse though... I wonder if I can get it working on my Nokia 770... Or better yet, use VNC and do it that way! Hmm... That might work! I made a little test without sound, but I bet a pen would rock. (And getting Flash for Linux to play with my mic...)

Very cool.


Update: Using my Nokia 770 worked great using Remote Desktop and the pen on the tablet. It's a little slow, but worked! Here's a test with voice. Awesome!

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