Mowmarks! The first Mowser Mashup!


Andy over at the Phlipside, posted about his new project that he whipped up the other day to add bookmarks to Mowser. It's called Mowmarks and you can go sign up right now, and add URLs for any PC formatted web sites that you want to have quick access to, and they'll be adapted by Mowser.

Awesome! My first mashup!

Andy sent me a message yesterday in #mobitopia asking if it was alright, and I said, "of course!" Like I've been saying since the beginning of Mowser, I really want to try to make a model where I can keep Mowser as stateless as possible: No signups needed. Thus I really have no plans to add any sort of traditional bookmarking, either private or public. I've heard the request before for some type of favorites, but my response has always been, "don't you already use or something similar? Just use Mowser to access that page, and you're done."

Still, it's nice to see a cool new project that uses Mowser to do some of the heavy lifting. Now if I can just get some others out there to do this (like FeedM8 and Mippin) it would totally rock. :-)

Thanks Andy!


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