Mowser Domain Mapping Relaunch!


W00t! Miker and I just rolled out the new domain mapping system for Mowser. Now if you map your mobile domain name ( or to, it will seamlessly adapt the content from the related website without changing the URL. Before, it was redirecting to a url, but now it simply keeps your mobile domain without changes.

It's all about control and choice. You can now keep complete control over your mobile domain. even when Mowser is doing the mobile content adaption. Swap it out later if you decide to create your own mobile version or not, its your choice. Your users will never have to change their bookmarks. Again, simply point your .mobi domain to, or add a new CName record (details here for GoDaddy users) for an m. subdomain and we'll do the rest. Though in order for this to work, your site's main domain name has to resolve without the www.* subdomain, and .mobi sites can only be paired with .com sites (because that has to be added, unlike the m. which is simply stripped off the domain name).

Miker just updated the Mowser Wordpress Mobile plugin as well to help you in the process if you're mobilizing your blog. It has a new spot on the admin page so you can add in your mobile domain name: For example, Miker's blog is and his mobile website is The new admin page (as well as mapping the CName) lets Wordpress know what the mobile domain is.

And again, Mowser is the *only* mobile content adaption service to enable advertising automatically. The Wordpress plugin lets you add in an AdMob ID, or if you're already using Google Adsense, we'll grab your ID and present ads on your mobile pages using your ID. One thing that's different is our business model when it comes to mapped domains: If you decide to map your domain to, we'll swap in one of our own Ads every third page viewed - but unlike using the non-mapped domain system which added in interstitial pages between page views, your users won't get any interruptions.

We're pretty excited about this, so please give it a try and tell us what you think, either by the comments here or on the community site.



Update: Thanks to my commenters for pointing out that actually m.* domains can map to any TLD. I updated the paragraph above accordingly. :-)

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