Mowser October Stats: Countries


Country Page Views
India 611,319
South Africa 303,380
N/A 193,518
Romania 142,805
United States 139,168
Indonesia 135,172
United Kingdom 132,714
France 59,381
Norway 54,367
Saudi Arabia 50,233
Serbia and Montenegro 50,120
Lithuania 40,832
Sweden 36,292
Pakistan 34,970
Italy 32,320
Malaysia 27,264
Ireland 24,897
Iran, Islamic Republic of 24,054
Mexico 18,952
Bangladesh 18,824
Canada 18,738
Turkey 18,592
Australia 18,044
Egypt 17,169
Argentina 17,123

Doing some data analysis on the 2.6MM unique page views in October. I've got them all imported into a MySQL table, so I'm running various queries, then exporting them into OpenOffice. I figured I'd share some of the interesting ones.

Oh, by the way, the N/A number above is when the mod_geo in Apache doesn't know where an IP address is from. Seems like it's not as accurate as I would hope, since it's a pretty big number.


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