Mowser October Stats: Top Models


Model Page Views
NokiaN70-1 81,579
Nokia6030 66,664
Opera 61,657
Nokia6600 58,237
SonyEricssonK750i 54,304
SonyEricssonW810i 51,424
Nokia6300 44,891
Nokia5200 44,280
Samsung-SGH-E250 42,689
NokiaN73-1 41,947
Nokia6233 41,075
Nokia6630 40,555
SonyEricssonK800i 37,062
Nokia6020 35,575
SonyEricssonK310i 34,682
Nokia3220 30,424
Nokia5300 30,114
Nokia7610 29,761
Nokia6070 29,726
SonyEricssonK510i 29,262
SonyEricssonW300i 28,609
Nokia6230i 28,393
NokiaN95 27,963
Nokia3230 27,257
NokiaE61 27,116
NokiaN72 26,451
Motorola-L7 25,595
Motorola-V360 24,867
SonyEricssonW200i 24,590
Nokia2626 24,440

Okay, my last chart about my October data. This one is less straight forward than the rest because I had to munge the data a bit. Lots of phones are making their user-agents less than clear (Nokia, I'm talking to you), so I had to figure some out combine their numbers manually. Also, I'm not exactly sure what to think of the "Opera" browser in there - my "mobile" code logic may be bad, or there could be lots of Opera mini users who are using Mowser... not sure. And lastly, I had to extend the list from the top 25 phones to the top 30 to make sure I got some Motorola phones in there. :-)

The interesting thing about the top 100 phones is that slope continues very smoothly out into the "tail" - there's no specific point where suddenly the "non popular" phones start to appear.

Damn there's a lot of Nokia N and E series users out there, no?


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