Now I know why I keep getting Wired


Chris Anderson's got another "big idea" article in this month's Wired, which essentially boils down to "Give stuff away, and you can still make a profit off the ancillary services." I guess he hasn't been around this thing called "the world wide web" much, so this is new to him? Maybe there was some deeper meaning that I missed, but I don't think so.

While reading it, however, I was reminded of the fact that I didn't renew my Wired subscription last year, and yet, I still receive the magazine every month. It's nice to see Chris is practicing what he preaches. :-) I guess my name is on some "uber-geek" list somewhere, or I slipped through the system... either way, I still get the mag for free, unlike my Fast Company subscription which lapsed a year after I subscribed when Marissa Mayer was on the cover...

Hmmm... I wonder if the "cross-over" type chart above will supplant the now ubiquitous long-tail chart we see everywhere. I'd love that to happen, if for no other reason than it'd be great for a change. Wishful thinking, I'm sure.



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