Old Corp, New Logo


Xerox announced today they're junking their 40 year old logo for a new "modern" logo, complete with bouncing ball icon. Did anyone at Xerox ask the question: "Will this new logo last another 40 years?" I sorta like the font, but the ball is dumb and generic. It's just not particularly iconic. I'm starting to think that anyone that hires Interbrand is a complete moron.

We've seen a lot of this in the past few years, hey? Kodak, UPS, AT&T... All upgrading their logos to embrace the non Yellow Pages requirement and the reality of multimedia. I like UPS new logo and Kodak, but think AT&T's is a disaster, and Xerox's isn't far behind.

I wonder when we'll see IBM bite the bullet? I bet we'll see something new there as well pretty soon. And I'd almost bet money on some sort of floating orb involved too...



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