Paging in N800/N810's Mozilla Browser


So the latest update of the N800 operating system changed the browser from one based on Opera to one based on Mozilla. This is fine, but there used to be a pretty easy .ini edit you could do in the Opera settings to enable paging up and down using the D-pad which I always used, and missed a ton in the new browser. Yesterday I sent off an email to the maemo-user's mailing list about it and got a response today with a link to a bug report which linked to this post on Internet Tablet Talk Forums where someone spelled out the details on how to get it working. Awesome!

Here's how to enable paging in the N800 (or the N810)'s browser:

Close any running browsers.



<handler event="keypress" keycode="VK_UP" command="cmd_scrollLineUp" />
<handler event="keypress" keycode="VK_DOWN" command="cmd_scrollLineDown" />
<handler event="keypress" keycode="VK_UP" command="cmd_movePageUp"/>
<handler event="keypress" keycode="VK_DOWN" command="cmd_movePageDown"/>


user_pref("snav.enabled", true);
user_pref("snav.enabled", false);

Restart browser

It works like a treat! I read my news quite often on the couch or in the john using the N800, and it was starting to be a real pain not being able to page up and down easily.


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