Q Launcher widget for the N97


[Update 10/23/09: Version 3 of the widget is here.]

I can't sleep, so while battling insomnia I decided to update my Q Search widget I whipped up last month. I actually had done some improvements in bits and pieces as the urge struck over the past few weeks, but I just decided to add something I was missing and then post about it.

It's basically the same exact code from the other widget, except that I decided to use an actual HTML form this time, instead of the fugly JavaScript prompt. And instead of the cryptic key-letters for different search types, I just made a drop down instead. The result is an app that works just as fast as the other (minus a little flicker as the widget comes up to full screen), and is much more understandable for just about anyone to use and also is able to take advantage of predictive text (the prompt wasn't).

I call the new and improved version "Q Launcher" because you can now choose to enter a URL as well as a search term and go directly to that site. Even though I like to use bookmarks on the device, sometimes it's nice to not think about it and just type the URL instead.

You can download Q Launcher here.



P.S. I'm going to try to get a cat-nap in before my kid wakes up at 7 a.m. Murghl.

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