Testing New Admin Interface

In case you hadn't seen before, I'm actually using my own PHP app for my blog now. It's a very simple site based on my own MVC framework, and it's nice, but it was literally half done, as I never got around to making any sort of admin/editing interface and was using ScribeFire's client to do all that.

I finally decided that though I liked Scribefire and the general concept of doing all my posting via a back-end API (XMLRPC in this case), I really needed to get a simple edit/admin page up so I could tweak stuff farther back in time when I see problems. Also I was thinking about actually getting the tags stuff added (it's in the DB, just not in the published pages).

Anyways, that's what this post is about... testing the new pages. Didn't take too long really, not sure why I didn't do it before!



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