Testing out the Drivel Blog Editor


I'm testing out a blog writing client that uses XML-RPC to talk to my WordPress install called appropriately enough Drivel... I'm pretty annoyed with the default posting page in WP already. Is it me, or did they do something insane in there since the last time I was using it regularly? I've already had to go in and rip out the JavaScript to at least get a standard text-area in the admin page because the Rich Text area was so screwed up, but even then there's all this adding <p>'s everywhere which is driving me nuts.

The problem with a client though (at least one that's as basic as Drivel) is that there's not options for automagically uploading images, and I usually like to have at least one per post. That means having to copy the file up to the server by hand - which using Gnome is actually pretty easy - but I've gotten kinda spoiled by the auto upload and URL insertion stuff... So we'll have to see whether having a separate client to post stuff is worth it or not.

I do like the fact that's separate from my Browser though. I can keep the current tab open without wondering whether I'm going to lose my place, etc.

Okay, let's see how this comes out. :-)


Update: It works pretty well! And I actually like the fact that the paragraphs were added in for me (I knew it was a post-db step, so I didn't bother adding them in). I'll have to figure out something quick to do for the images... BTW, I'm also editing this article in Drivel as well. Pretty cool.

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