TF2: Pixar meets Counter Strike

Oh my god, Team Fortress 2 looks amazing. I saw a trailer earlier in the year and it looked great, but now it's out and they've really done an insanely great job expanding on the style and atmosphere of the game. The animation and soundtrack are just *so* over the top... It's like The Incredibles invaded a James Bond cold-war-era spy flick and they were all teleported to the place Counter Strike was born. Absolutely awesome.

I actually can't believe Valve is combining it with Portal and Half-Life 2 Episode 2 in The Orange Box, it must not have a lot of maps or a single player mode or something, but still, what is there looks like a blast. I may have to snag it via Steam at some point when I get an extra couple of bucks and put my old Windows box to good use.

"I solve *practical* problems." Hysterical.


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