The Day Mobility Went Mainstream

Well the big day is here, and I must say how happy I am to see it arrive. For four years I've been waiting for the time the next big thing that I was sure to happen would finally hit the consciousness of my fellow human beings and I'm pretty sure today is it. When there's front page articles in the New York Times arguing the merits of EDGE vs. 3G and the future of the mobile web? That's just beautiful.

Yes, there's been lots of people interested in mobility before today, obviously. But today is the day when *everyone* is interested in it. I'd even go so far as to declare today the official first day of the mobile revolution. The day when just about everybody, not just the alpha geeks or those on *that* side of the tech chasm, think that mobility is cool, interesting, and the next big thing. People are lining up all over the COUNTRY for a MOBILE PHONE. That's just wonderful.

So welcome to everyone that's new here and those of us who've been here for a while, make space for the newcomers and be patient with them as they get used to their new surroundings, hey? There's plenty of room for everyone and it's going to be a great ride for all.



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