The wagon

So I'm going to start blogging regularly again... A couple months ago, I was getting sick of blogging and decided to ratchet down the number of posts I wrote in some sort of attempt to change things up and maybe improve the quality of the blog. It didn't work. Actually, I think I remember as I was writing that it I was thinking to myself, "you'll never actually do this," but I figured I'd give it a shot. It turns out that the only real way that I can blog is if I take advantage of that urge to express myself as soon as I get it, rather than trying to save it up in some sort of mega post. I'm starting to build up a backlog of thoughts, and starting to have various reasons to post again, so I figured I'd get back on the wagon (or is it falling off the wagon? I guess it depends on how addicting you think blogging is). Oh, I'm turning comments back on as well... What the heck.

I tried using Twitter to meet my blogging needs over the past couple months, but I'm starting to feel increasingly more constrained by the 140 character limit, and the interaction you get from others is just as constrained. Oh, that and the fact that it's generally impossible to keep up with the stream of tweets, and that the service is up and down like a yo-yo. It's just not doing it for me.

I still have the same reservations about blogging that I did then... there's just so much noise out there, but I guess I just need to not worry about it and write the stuff I want to write and those that want to read it will. I need some sort of outlet for my thoughts and ideas and stuff, and this is still the best place for it.

Another thought is about multimedia. I'm going to throw up some video posts as well, I think, and maybe a place for photos, etc. It's so much easier now for online video - the last time I tried "camblogging" back in 2002, it took forever, the quality was bad, and the results for viewers was mixed as well (Real Video? WMV? MPG?) Now there's a million ways to record a webcam and throw it up on the site in Flash video quickly and easily. (Well, there are some problems right now with Flash for Linux, but there are some simple workarounds). So that might be fun, and I turned on video responses in the Disqus comments as well.

Mostly though, I'll probably just be writing. I'm not even sure who my audience is any more... there's like 3k subs according to Feedburner, but god knows what they're expecting. My days of focusing only on mobile stuff are definitely over - I'm going to write about whatever comes to mind now.

Okay, enough blogging about blogging. :-)


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