Where the hell is the Container API?


Yep, I'm still bitching about this stuff. The more I see, the more annoyed I get.

All this song and dance and wait, and the only sites that can play host to all the "exciting new applications" being created using the OpenSocial API are those invitees to the GOOG shindig last night. I was thinking, "Ooh, I'll check out the API and see if I can get an OpenSocial widget or two running. That'll be fun and educational." Nope, it turns out that the container spec is totally missing in action. WTF?

Would people be jumping on this bandwagon so readily if it was Microsoft unilaterally coming up with an API, holding secret meetings geared towards undercutting the market leader, and then making sure that only those anointed partners get a head start on launch day by making sure a key part of the API isn't released - even in alpha. (It obviously exists already, all the partners have that spec and even sample code, I'm sure. The rest of us don't get access yet, until the GOOG says otherwise).

Christ, if this was a Microsoft move, there'd be torches and pitchforks out. I honestly don't see why Google gets a free pass here.


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