Winding down at Nokia


Well, after almost four years, my time at Nokia is quickly coming to an end. This morning it was announced that my group has been pushed off the fabled Burning Platform, so I'm now on the hunt for a new job! Not sure exactly when my official last day will be yet, but it'll most likely be within the next few weeks.

If you know of anything I might be a good fit for or know someone who's looking for a general techie/tech-liason/technologist, send 'em my way! Here's my resume: I'm putting together a small portfolio to show what I've been doing over the past few years which I'll link to in the resume when it's done [Update: Check out my portfolio here!]. Oh, and I'm also cleaning up my Linked In profile and re-connecting with my network, so please add me if we know each other.

I've also got a backlog of posts, that I want to put up. They might attract some attention (which would be great), but probably not, I mostly just want to get them out of my head, and potential employers might like to see them as well. (Hmm, I hope this post doesn't get lost... maybe I'll 'bump' it later.) No, the posts aren't about Nokia. I'm sure there'll be a moment for reflection of my time there as it slid into its current state, but I am still an employee, so that's not for right now. Right now is focused on finding a new gig.

What I'd prefer, of course, would be to try to get funding for one of my various business ideas - the most recent being (which I wrote about recently) which has a live prototype up and running, and also, which would be based on my experiences at Nokia creating giant touch-screen display kiosks and dashboards using web technologies. The time frame is a bit tight for this to happen, but I might throw a pitch deck together and see if I can get lucky. (Send money here:

Okay, lots to do...


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