Zune: Spoke too soon...


I took Microsoft to task for not updating the Zune's horrible plastic control pad a few weeks ago, but it looks like I jumped the gun. The new Zunes have a nice new touch-sensitive controller called the "Zunepad" and they've changed the shape so as not to mimic the iPod's wheel. They've even accepted the current nomenclature and used the word "podcast" in their menu system. Like I said in that post, the Zune is actually a nice little gadget with a lot of slick functionality, so it's nice to see MS correct the glaring flaws. Then again, this is Microsoft, that's what they do - relentless incremental improvements until it's "good enough."

Also, I posted about how Nokia's 770/N800 web tablets were killer little devices that didn't need a keyboard. Well, it looks like the next version will have exactly that. Doh! Well, I think the gadget will probably be better with a keyboard than not... but still, it amuses me that I was so off base.

0 for 2... man, I'm losing my touch!


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