RSS Search

I've added a new rss feature to this blog - it's another temporary hack so this'll be the only notice of it, but if you'd like you can add query params to the end of the rss.jsp page separated by commas. Something like this:,nokia

This will bring up the last 10 docs in which I wrote the word Java or Nokia in it. It's not exactly categories, but somewhat useful. It's a full on MySQL text search and I'm *positive* it's not very friendly to my DB, so we'll see if it stays. I'll just wack it if it starts hammering the server's performance too badly.

I'm doing this out of the realization that if I'm getting more comments on my Buddha posts than my XAO/Java ideas, I've shifted off into some otherworld of the blogsphere. So I'm adding my feed back to Java.blogs, but with search terms so I don't annoy the community and hopefully move back into the Java mainstream a bit.


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