Bay Area Mobility Forum Today!


Hmmm. It's a bit overcast and chilly today. GREAT! A perfect day to wander over to the Bay Area Mobility Forum (BAMF) today at 2:00 and check out Ray's presentation on BREW then hang out afterwards and geek out with our gadgets.

I've gotten three or four emails from people saying they can't make it this week, so I'm hoping there'll still be plenty of people show up so Ray doesn't give a presentation to a handful of people. Erik helpfully put the banner on his Linkblog and I've had a banner here all week, so hopfully we'll get a good crowd like last time. If you can make it, please do!

I got my BAMF T-shirt from CafePress. The only problem is that I ordered a Double Extra Large thinking that the t-shirt would be one of those cheapies that shrunk in the wash. Turns out it's a pretty good Haynes T and even though I'm on the chubbier side lately, the thing hangs on me like a tent. I'm going to wash it this morning in *HOT* water and then dry the hell out of it and see if that makes it a bit smaller so I can wear it today. (Of course, like I said, it's not the nicest day out... so I wonder if anyone will see it under my sweater).

W00t! Mobile geek out today!


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